My artwork is a joyful celebration of life from my soul and inspired by my intense love of nature. I love to wake up early to watch the sunrise and take inspiration from the early morning colours, textures and scents. I do love life to be colourful and for this reason I am inviting you to help me colour this book with all your inspiration and love. I believe love and kindness are the answer for everything.
This book is part of my 2021 social project in Fiji. The idea is to supply art materials and to the kids and give them art workshops around Fijian schools. I am looking forward to this opportunity of getting involved with their culture and learn all about the colours of the Fijian art. 50% of the proceeds of this book is destined to my 2021 social program.
I will share all the details with you on social media. I very much appreciate your support, my friends' help, and the sponsors that made this project a reality.
Together we can make this world a beautiful place.

Colouring book